Sticky Plant-Based Ribs

Sticky Plant based Ribs 2

These plant-based ribs are deliciously sticky. The smoky and tangy marinade (called the ‘vinegar mop’ traditionally used to tenderise meat) soaks into the ribs whilst cooking and the Three Kings Pantry Maple Flavour sauce is added to the remaining marinade (vinegar mop) to make a sticky, sweet glaze to finish off the cooking. Beef or pork burgers, veggie, […]

Keto Choco-Nut Fudge Cake 

Keto Choc Jo Sardella 6

This is a deliciously sweet, rich and satisfying chocolate and nut, fudge-cake. The Three Kings ‘Zero’ Salted Caramel Syrup gives the chocolate sponge a wonderful, fudgy, vanilla flavour. Whilst the Three Kings Maple Flavour Syrup in the frosting, complements the nutty topping, giving that added sweetness you need in a chocolate fudge cake!