600 x iSi N2O Cream Chargers


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  • Sale subject to our Misuse Terms & Conditions
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600 iSi Cream Chargers Wholesale

iSi Professional Chargers establish a new capsule standard: Quality from Austria, highest hygiene standards in production together with the whippers, a perfectly coordinated system; developed to enable you to culinarily realize and inspire.

The sale of all Nitrous Oxide products are subject to our strict Terms & Conditions which you must read and accept before placing an order.

600 (25 x boxes of 24) iSi Nitrous Oxide / N2O Cream Chargers.

• Each iSi cream charger contains approx. 8.4g of E942 (Food Grade Nitrous Oxide).

• Use as a propellant to whip cream, the creation of culinary foams and the rapid infusion of liquids.


This quantity of Chargers is for business customers ONLY. Do not attempt to purchase this item if you are not buying on behalf of a business. Please note: if you purchase this item and you are not buying on behalf of a business, we will retain 5% of the item cost as processing fee, your order will be cancelled and the remaining funds (95%) refunded to you.

The iSi capsules contain 8.4 g of pure N2O and are individually weighed before packaging to ensure consistent results. With maximum premium volume, less remaining volume and up to 20% more portions, you save money and time!

Conjure up perfect results with the iSi Professional Chargers for an incomparable variety of preparations!

  • Filling guarantee: Each capsule is weighed individually and contains exactly 8.4 g of pure N2O.
  • Made of 100% recyclable steel
  • No oil residues; production is certified according to HACCP


• Order Before 4pm for same day dispatch (Monday-Friday).

• OVER 18’S ONLY – This product is not for sale to anyone under the age of 18.

• MISUSE – This product is sold purely for the purpose of food and drink preparation, if we suspect you intend to misuse this product we will refuse to sell to you.

*Misuse of Nitrous Oxide carries the risk of serious health problems including death*

We wish to draw your attention to the provisions of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016, under which it is a criminal offence to supply a psychoactive substance to another person if you are aware, or you are reckless as to whether the substance is likely to be consumed by the person to whom it is supplied (or by some other person) for it’s psychoactive affects.

Compatibility: These are universal standard 8g fitting cream chargers – they are not compatible with push-valve (Kisag) system or the 16g system dispensers.

  • Cream Charger Data:
  • Charger Volume / Water capacity: 10ml
  • N2O gas cartridges contain 9 Cubic cms of pure N2O at approx 60bar / 900psi.
  • Charger total weight: 28gm
  • Filling Pressure: 8MPa
  • Force required to pierce charger: 400N max
  • Non-Threaded
  • Size: 66mm x 17.8mm

Safety Information:

Nitrous Oxide cream chargers are filled with liquified gas under high pressure.

For your safety, always ensure you use cream chargers in accordance with the manufactures instructions, using the appropriate equipment, such as the professional dispensers/whippers available for purchase from our store.

Puncturing the chargers can cause freezing gas to escape so you may want to protect your hands and face.

Chargers will get extremely cold when punctured.

Always double check that the cream charger is empty of gas before removing it from your device.

If burnt by freezing gas, seek medical advice immediately. High pressure gas burns may cause deep tissue damage which will likely not be immediately apparent at the time of the exposure.


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